Sunday, October 21, 2012

bulk cement for sale to be listed

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Cement giant Holcim is suffering from the Spanish flu

Cement factory in southern Spain, Lorca is closed down for good. HO
The cement company in Spain sweeps a third of the jobs and closes at the end of year production plant. This affects up to 295 jobs at various locations. Until when the measures are implemented, is still open. Sven Millischer

Holcim is the job cuts in Spain is not big on that stuff. Only on the website of the Spanish cement company to find a dry communiqué. This Holcim announces plans to reduce about a third of the workforce in Spain. This affects up to 295 jobs at various locations on the Iberian Peninsula. In this figure, and a social plan was agreed after negotiations with employee representatives earlier this month.

Thus, the cement plant in the southern Spanish city of Lorca will be closed by year end. It was built in the 1960s. Last worked there for 60 employees. Also, the two cement kilns in central Spain Yeles plant be shut down indefinitely. Even with construction materials such as aggregates, concrete or mortar Holcim plans to cut output and "some facilities" quite close to. In addition, the administration should be centralized and streamlined.

Every third point is omitted

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Profitable business with cement

Holcim has improved significantly during the first three quarters of
revenue and profit
The cement group Holcim increased its profit in the first nine months
rose by over 70 percent. For the year, the Group is confident and is a
good prospect of fiscal 2005. They benefit from good economic
conditions in key growth markets, said the world's second largest
cement company.
(Ap) The consolidated profit of Holcim increased in the first nine
months of 2005 rose by 70.5% compared to 1.175 billion francs. The
cement so that the company has exceeded analysts' expectations and
made more profit after three quarters, as for the whole of last year.
Revenues grew by 34.0% in local currencies and by 35.3% to 13.425
billion francs. Operating EBITDA increased by 25.4% to 3.501 billion
francs. Have contributed to this substantial increase despite higher
energy and transportation costs and tougher price pressure, four out
of five Group regions, it is said in the statement of Holcim.
High growth rate in North America
These include the Group regions North America (62.4%), Africa, Middle
East (up 34.3%), Europe (up 28.1%) and Asia Pacific (+12.9%), while
Ebitda in the company Latin America remained stable.
Excluding the newly consolidated this year, Aggregate Industries and
Ambuja Cement Eastern and Cemento de El Salvador, an internal Ebitda

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Killer games on the public broadcasters

The radio and TV Week 15th - 21 August is quite ZDFkultur-heavy. It stings the transfer of the League computer game out of the ESL program.
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Explosive background information by Dr. Erhard Liem. Inform!

Phoenix goes from Monday to Friday, Tour of Germany on the energy. Every day there is a different Energieträgerart such as wind, solar or coal. The name should not be fooled, the tour goes around the world.
(Phoenix, 15 - 08.19.2011, 15:00 - 16:15 clock)

And once again the involvement of citizens in the time-feature questions. The Wutbürger now apparently blocked just about everything. Denmark, however, shows that early and channeled citizen participation can be quite productive.
(Dradio culture, 08.15.2011, 19:30 - 20:00 clock)

Monday, August 9, 2010

cement handled as a viscose fluid

There should be enough water to fill the voids, so the particles of sand rub against each other, dramatically increasing the apparent viscosity as the shear rate increases. Other materials that exhibit this type of behavior are concentrated (especially deflocculated) aqueous suspensions of china clay, titanium oxide, corn flour, and wet cement aggregates. Viscoplastic fluids are those that appear to show a "yield stress." That is, a certain amount of shear stress must be applied to the material before it can begin to flow, or deform. Whereas in fact it seems that if flow is measured over a wide enough range of shear rates, no yield stress really does exist,5 the concept of a yield stress remains very convenient, because a number of materials do closely approximate to this type of behavior.
If the material is being sheared but at less than the yield shear stress (Ryield), then the material will deform "elastically" and flow as a rigid body and not like a fluid. The classic example of this type of

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

alkali acitivated cements and concretes

Alkali-Activated Cements and ConcretesThe first English-language book which reviews and summarizes worldwide research advances in alkali-activated cements and concrete. Essential topics include:
* raw materials and their properties for the production of the two new types of binder
* the hydration and microstructure development of alkali-activated slag cements
* the mechanical properties and durability of alkali-activated slag cement and concrete
* other various cementing systems and their applications
* related standards and specifications.
This respected team of authors has produced an important piece of research that

Monday, March 29, 2010

cement plants

Ordinary Portland Cement is manufactured in large cement plants using energy and minerals in the process. If you are interested in cement plants or cement equipment. This is the right site to go to.